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Being linked to the other spaces in La Morada, the MORADA STUDIO offers a space where technicians can edit, in real time, the videos from your events. We also offer the possibility to launch from this studio, the streaming of your conferences or talks held at REINA MORA CINEMA HALL or CROMA SPACE.
Lately our customers are organizing team-building sessions during their events in La Morada and this is the room where we edit the videos of these team buildings in real time.


If your films are going to be screened on TV but will also have a cinema distribution in film festivals, this is the best place to work in both, broadcast and cinema formats at the same time. The MORADA STUDIO is an audio mix studio although many of our customers have found in it the best place for editing their videos. Equipped with the latest Mac Pro computer, in this studio you can edit in Final Cut and mix in Stereo or 5.1 with Pro Tools. This is an acoustic room, equipped with Genelec speakers and it gives the possibility to launch your screenings into REINA MORA CINEMA HALL for a better contrast of your video and audio in cinema quality. It is also possible to mix in ATMOS from this studio. Whether your film projects are going to be broadcasted on TV or cinema, from the MORADA STUDIO, you can work with our technicians, as well as your own.

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